​What does it take to be the best on the coast?

Drive along any popular coastal resort on a wintry day and take a peek at the hotel car parks. The hotels appear roughly similar on the outside, have much the same sea views, grey skies envelope them all, but while most have just a scattering of cars there’ll be one eclipsing the rest that’s rammed to the seams.

Anyone in hospitality knows this is not down to luck – it’s dedication and sheer hard work, better known as the catch-all term ‘best practice’. But what is best practice?

We’ve identified a number of tourism businesses on the coast - exemplars in their field, who’ve won awards and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The case studies range from an eco-chic luxury hotel in Cornwall accomplishing 82 per cent year-round occupancy levels to a multi-award winning self-catering and wedding business on a farm on the rural Norfolk coast.

Find out how an attraction overcame misconceptions of disability and coped with expansion when there’s wasn’t enough space. How does a new café generate enough footfall or a self-catering business increase its luxury offer whilst continuing to meet existing visitor expectations?

We feature a Cornish tin mine, a flourishing waterpark, town centre café, luxury hotel, outstanding B&Bs and a self-catering firm, plus one of the UK’s largest aquariums, The Deep in Hull.

Find out here what makes them bag the top awards, outshine the competition and overcome demanding, everyday challenges. And then steal their top tips!