Within its activity, periodically, the National Coastal Tourism Academy procures goods and services from third parties.

The NCTA aims to achieve the best value for these and is committed to fair, equal and transparent treatment of providers.

The NCTA procures services in a wide range of sectors including academic research, business consultants, education professionals, creative industries, industry advisors, and others.

Selection of suppliers is based on those whose tender is the most economic in terms of price, quality, functionality and service or other factors contained in the evaluation criteria.

Bournemouth Borough Council is the accountable body for the NCTA. For more information on the process of procurement, please visit

Current Opportunities:

Shoulder Season Research 2016

To date, the NCTA has commissioned both desk top research and face-to-face interviews with stakeholders to understand seasonality issues. Results of the research to date are summarised on our resource hub and a fuller report is available on request.

The report identifies the markets most likely to be attracted to the coast out of the main season and suggests opportunities for product development relevant to these markets. The NCTA is now looking to commission further research into one of the potential markets identified – Empty Nesters normally considered to be those aged over 55s.


We are looking for consultants who have some experience in tourism, preferably with some understanding of coastal tourism.

We envisage that the research will include a large survey of respondents who are classified as empty nesters (over 55) who either currently visit the coast or are not against the idea. Those interviewed need to be involved in the holiday decision making process.

Researchers are invited to tender for this work detailing previous relevant experience and showing a clear understanding of what the project hopes to achieve. Researchers are encouraged to discuss their approach with NCTA staff in advance.

The NCTA would like to use this research as an opportunity to work with coastal destinations around England. We would like to explore the appropriateness of offering a “destination boost” where, if local areas wish to buy-in to the survey, we can boost the sample size to facilitate a destination specific element to the report. To this end, proposals should include suggestions and related costs on how NCTA could achieve this. Other suggestions on how to get destinations to “buy-in” to this research project are also welcome.

Deadline for proposal submission is 15th February 2016

For a full brief, please contact Jo Edom, NCTA Academy Manager at