​VisitEngland Strategic Framework – 2014 Progress Report

VisitEngland has published its Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010-2020 Annual Progress Report 2014. The ten year strategy is aimed at increasing the tourism industry’s contribution to the UK economy and employment and maximising quality of life.

The Framework sets out an ambition of five per cent growth in the industry annually, to create 225,000 jobs and some £50bn expenditure. To read the full report click here.

VisitEngland has developed a series of Action Plans to deliver the Framework’s objectives, including one on Seaside Resorts. It has four key aims for coastal resorts:

  • -To raise awareness of their importance and potential to the tourism industry as a whole
  • -To build on the success of the ‘staycation’ effect
  • -To examine solutions to tackle longstanding issues affecting coastal resorts and find ways of improving seaside resort infrastructure
  • -To develop a coordinated approach to increase the value of coastal tourism throughout the year.

To read the full Seaside Resort Action Plan, click here.

By Sheron Crossman