September Update

"Widely regarded as the most comprehensive overview and analysis of Destination Management to date, Nick de Bois’ 80-page new report offers a robust analysis of the roles of Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), how they’re funded and structured and proposes a new model to stream-line their efficiency. Essential reading for anyone involved in coastal tourism.

The proposed new structure would create a top tier of around 20 high-performing Destination Development Partnerships who would receive sufficient core funding and resources from central Government via VisitEngland based on certain criteria. These DDPs would be accountable to deliver the Government’s priorities such as the ‘Levelling Up’ agenda, sustainability, inclusivity and skills.

It proposes that DDPs need to place the consumer first, rather than being moulded by existing national and local authority frameworks.

The review paints a DMO landscape that is currently confused and unbalanced; it sees an urgent need for more collaboration and joint working if they are to achieve their full potential, a position the NCTA welcomes.

The report also recommends that the position of Tourism Minister be elevated to Minister of State to provide greater policy and, therefore industry, support.

However, the review’s proposals will only become a reality if they are acknowledged and funded in the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) in October. So, nothing is yet set in stone and it’s important that the industry supports the need for intervention to improve and level-up the system.

We plan to submit a national coastal response to make sure that the new plans work for coastal communities and would very much like to hear your feedback on the report to feed into that response.

As many of us launch our autumn promotional campaigns to claw-back essential new bookings rather than those rolled-over, let’s hope this year we’ll harvest a bumper crop.

Best wishes,

Samantha Richardson"

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