#NCTAmasterclass - Interpret personality types for better customer care

I just don’t understand you! A #NCTAmasterclass with Andy Edwards

This week we hosted our seventh motivational Master Class for industry staff looking for motivation and inspiring ideas to fast- track their careers. Our latest featured Andy Edwards, a globally known keynote speaker.

In this Master Class – ‘I just don’t understand you!’ Andy focused on learning how to read people’s personalities fast enough to build useful relationships to enhance customer service.

“Relationship building is business building,” said Andy. “People are more likely to buy if they like the person selling to them. If you build the relationship the sales will follow.”

He revealed how different personalities have an impact on behaviour but each has its strengths and challenges. He went on to explain that understanding more about our personality can be applied in a business environment. Being aware, accepting, appreciating and understanding our differences can lead to amazing results.

Andy also revealed some key learning points:

  • -Understand the impact of our behaviour
  • -Understand others
  • -Adapt and connect for better relationships

He pointed out that hospitality is an industry where understanding your customers is so important to get right, “The REAL currency in an organisation is not money – it is RELATIONSHIPS!”

The delegates were truly inspired and came away thinking about establishing rapport and relationships to gain respect and RESULTS.

By Lindsay Smith

You can download Andy's slides from the #NCTAmasterclass here .