NCTA England’s Coast May Update

"This week’s news that we will have an election on July 4 means that when Parliament is dissolved on May 30th, we can be certain of a very earnestly fought campaign over the next six weeks.

This concentrates the mind on what initiatives coastal visitor economies should be seeking from the new government. We have 10 specific asks outlined in our Coastal Tourism Overview here but of key importance:

  • Investment to disperse income beyond the capital and major cities to create a fairer playing field and drive economic growth on the coast

  • Support to roll out best practice to tackle coastal unemployment and improve skills and sustainability

  • Re-establish a dedicated funding stream to support coastal communities to address seasonality

  • Co-ordinated research to measure the impact of water quality and storm overflows on the visitor economy

As well as streamlined, dynamic promotion of the King Charles III England Coast Path and development of the Coastal Wild Belt, and more.

We welcome discussions with politicians of all colours to drive the coast’s visitor economy; if you have initiatives that need to be addressed, do get in touch. We want to seize this opportunity to start turning the tide on the coast.

Best wishes,
Samantha Richardson MBE"

Read the entire update here