NCTA England’s Coast December Update

"This year will surely end as one of the most extraordinary in history. After a global pandemic, who could have predicted war in Europe, a Prime Minister who lasted 45 days, four chancellors in four months and an economic policy that sent markets into a tailspin?

Given this context, it is all the more remarkable that according to BVA BDRC’s November consumer sentiment tracker, the travelling public is more confident now than in the past two years with 73% of UK adults planning to take a domestic overnight break within the next 12 months.

Moreover, results from our own November consumer survey indicate that 80% would like to return to the coast and 88% considered their holiday this year either excellent or good value for money.

While the cost of living crisis will focus most attention on budget breaks, added value and free activities, a quarter of the public is expected to be unaffected by the economic slump. The empty-nester sector is growing, a valuable cohort as many have time and money and proven to enjoy trips to the coast, see here. Given that this audience enjoys travelling off-peak, there is light on the 2023 horizon."

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