NCTA England’s Coast April Update

"Earlier this month the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) published an upbeat report forecasting a record-breaking year for travel and tourism in 2024, predicting a global economic contribution and an all-time high of $11.1 trillion, generating one in every $10 worldwide.

WTTC’s 2024 Economic Impact Research in partnership with Oxford Economics presents a sector brimming with opportunities, creating 348m jobs worldwide with an increase of more than 13m jobs in 2024 compared to the peak in 2019. Spending is expected to be close to the 2019 highest point.

However, VisitBritain is not currently forecasting the UK to reach 2019 visitor levels until 2025 and the UK’s recovery is believed to be behind many other countries in Europe. Its 2024 forecast is for 39.5m visits and £34.1bn spend, 97% and 120% of 2019 levels.

While WTTC’s Europe Factsheet has yet to be published, the question is what the impact will be for the coast here?

Our own Business Survey indicates confidence is returning but forward bookings are low, only 8% have sold most of their capacity and overall visitor spend is down. However, more than one third of businesses say turnover in 2023 was better than 2022, discover the full picture in the results below."

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