June Update

"This month’s soaring temperatures have sparked a surge in coastal visits and a renewed love for our seaside resorts, albeit with the brake still pressed for an end to total lockdown.

The past 15 months have seen coastal visitor economies enduring the toughest challenges in living memory; the road to recovery and rebuilding will demand significant intervention. One of the most vexing problems currently facing businesses is staff shortages with some regions saying as much as 68% currently face severe recruitment issues which has led to early closing, poaching of staff and disappointed guests.

The government’s Tourism Recovery Plan has now been published, outlining its plans to help the sector ‘build back better’ in its levelling up and economic growth agendas.

Oxford Economics predicts that the industry won’t recover until 2025, the plan recognises this is too late and sets out a framework running to 2024 to enable the industry not only to recover but to ‘realise its full potential and to tackle the structural barriers’ to become more sustainable, productive and resilient."

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