July Update

July Update

"Earlier this month we were delighted to give evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Hospitality and Tourism on Structural Challenges Facing Coastal and Lakeside Areas, alongside representatives from the Coastal Communities Association, Local Government Association – Coastal SIG and the Social Markets Foundation.

You can see our full presentation here, but we outlined the challenges and opportunities post-COVID for coastal tourism, not least the need to address seasonality, to increase domestic and international visitors and to diversify the product with wellness and active experiences and business events.

Crucially, we reminded the panel of the severity of the current situation with a likely loss of £10.35bn in Britain this year and the loss of 145,000 jobs in England alone. Returning the industry to anything approaching pre-COVID levels will take a time; we proposed a three-year coastal tourism Recovery Programme to the panel to address this.

We will continue to work with MPs and Ministers, LEPs and national bodies to voice the crisis currently facing the industry."

Read the entire update here