National Dog Day!

As today is #NationalDogDay find out how to attract the lucrative hound pound to your tourism business.

Starting with the basics, dog owning visitors can be high value guests and once you’ve gained their trust they are both high repeat visitors and ‘recommenders. This market is generally less price sensitive than most others, they seek specific requirements to ensure the comfort of their dogs; the dog itself is often a key decision factor as to where the owner chooses to stay and where they eat or visit whilst away.

The facts!

  1. There are more than 8.5million dogs in the UK
  2. 16% are willing to pay at least £200 extra to bring their dog on holiday
  3. 24% of UK households have a dog
  4. 72% of dog owners would take more holidays if there was a better attitude towards dogs
  5. 30% of dog owning holiday makers said their entire holiday choice is based on how suitable it is for their pet

With statistics like these you can clearly see the potential of this market; check out our full ‘how to’ guide to gain an understanding of how to attract them. We offer top tips on basic provisions at accommodation, the extras needed for special customer service, further product development and more!

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