First Bourne to Smile award

First Bourne to Smile Award

Europe’s first National Coastal Tourism Academy (NCTA), announced in Bournemouth last week, has awarded its first Bourne to Smile voucher for exceptional customer service to Emma Carter, reception manager at The Norfolk Royale Hotel.

Emma won the award for her outstanding commitment to guests, consistently providing excellent information on the resort and its attractions and going beyond her expected duties as a receptionist.

The Bourne to Smile awards scheme has around 30 Customer Care Champions recruited from across the resort who are searching for instances of exceptional customer service.

The scheme recognises examples of good or outstanding customer service and has two strands – Vouchers that are given in instant recognition of exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond what is expected of staff, and Confetti which recognises unusually high levels of customer service that should be replicated across the resort.

On receiving her £10 retail voucher, Emma Carter said: “I had no idea I had been nominated for the award, so I’m thrilled. I’ve been a receptionist at The Norfolk Royale for two years and just love meeting people.

“As I see it, giving out a bit more information to guests, telling them about events and what’s going on in the town is just part of my job. And recognising guests who come back year on year and treating them as special makes my job more interesting. It doesn’t cost anything to smile and hopefully makes visitors feel a bit happier!”

Simon Scarborough, general manager at The Norfolk Royale and chairman of the Academy’s Visitor Experience Group, commented: “I’m absolutely delighted for Emma, and hopefully this is the start of rewarding excellent customer care right across Bournemouth.

“Boosting tourism business is about every single individual who comes into contact with a tourist going that extra mile, making them feel valued. It’s the small things that count, remembering people’s names, recommending a favourite restaurant, what they like to drink – it’s the people and great service that make a fantastic tourism resort.”

The National Coastal Tourism Academy is recruiting more Customer Care Champions. Individuals do not need to be working in the tourism industry but must be passionate about Bournemouth and able to spend time out and about in the resort.

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