Could you join the scouts?

The National Coastal Tourism Academy is searching for hundreds of ‘scouts’ in a new campaign to reward top levels of customer service across Bournemouth.

The Academy is recruiting scouts from every sector of the town including residents, students, public sector employees and staff from across the local workforce. These lookouts will be people who nominate staff for an outstanding customer service award as they are out and about in restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, shops and hotels – anywhere visitors might venture.

The campaign follows on from the success of the Academy’s Customer Care Champions scheme. Scores of hospitality staff have been nominated for awards, with eight winning the top accolade and receiving a retail voucher. These have included staff from a range of businesses including a barman at The Cumberland Hotel, waitresses at The Print Room and Flirt Café, and a seafront ranger who worked late into the night to find a missing child.

The NCTA would love to hear from any resident or employee in Bournemouth who feels passionately about great customer service who would like to volunteer to become a Customer Care Scout. Simply download a recommendation form on the Visitor Experience page or contact

By Sheron Crossman