Brits are boomerang tourists

A new survey from LV=travel insurance has revealed that a staggering 60 per cent of Brits return to the same holiday resort year after year.

LV= polled some 2,000 travellers who disclosed that one in 10 of them had returned to the same spot more than 10 times. Even more surprising, 40 per cent of those ‘boomerangers’ ate in the same restaurant, 38 per cent stayed in the same resort and nine per cent pursued the same activities.

And repeat visits don’t stop there! Almost one fifth return to the same beach, nearly a third visit the same bar or pub and 15 per cent sit in exactly the same beauty spot as they had before.

And whilst Tenerife, Paris, Florida, Benidorm and Majorca are the most popular destinations for return visits, the report’s findings herald good news for UK coastal destinations.

Surveys this year from TripAdvisor and Travelodge predict a rise in UK breaks, while VisitEngland says there’s been an upturn in multiple short breaks coupled with less enthusiasm for European short breaks due to disaffection with low-cost carriers and increased flight costs.

So, impress a customer to your hotel/bar/restaurant once and you could very well have them hooked for life.

By Sheron Crossman