​Breaking news – Tourism secures Sector Deal with UK Government

The UK Government has today announced its commitment to a Tourism Sector Deal, as part of its Industrial Strategy. Focused on improving productivity, setting ambitious targets for growth and an industry commitment to addressing skills challenges. The Tourism Sector Deal also includes an ambition to be the most accessible destination in the world and create a data hub to improve our understanding of customers and enhance decision making within the industry.

“This sector deal marks a milestone for the tourism industry, recognising the importance of tourism at the highest level and comes as great news for those in the coastal tourism sector,” says Samantha Richardson, director National Coastal Tourism Academy.

“A core focus of the deal is improving productivity, which for coast means tackling seasonality. For many coastal destinations where tourism is the backbone of their economy, this level of government support and intervention is a significant step forward in delivering growth on the coast.

“To see the tourism industry working together to address skills challenges and speak with ‘one voice’ is a fantastic achievement and enables us to prepare for future visitors needs and be competitive on a global level.”

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