​Responding to Extreme Weather Toolkit

​Responding to Extreme Weather Toolkit

The extreme weather and flooding in parts of the country during winter 2013-14 prompted mass media coverage of devastated farmland and coastal communities. Events of this kind have the ability to cause long-lasting damage to tourism, with enduring images imprinting themselves on the public’s memory.

Evidence shows that a business or destination without a considered, coordinated communications plan can take significantly longer to recover than those well prepared.

To help, VisitEngland produced a guide in winter 2014 to help businesses affected by extreme weather create an effective approach to customer communications. The guide also provides links to sources of support and advice to reduce the impact on their business.

In addition to communications, the guide addresses cancellations and refunds, the future impact on your business, Government support, how to return to normal plus an appendix of support and information sources.

Download the full report here.