Customer Care Specialist

Customer Care Specialist

Our first course, the online Bournemouth Ambassador, covered the basics of customer care, a simple introduction to ensuring every guest felt warmly welcomed and specially treated.

But world-class service requires an expert skill-set, it’s not just about delivering good service, but earning the wow factor – going beyond expectations to switch an average experience into a fantastic one. And outstanding service should be delivered in every visitor-facing business, not just the deluxe, exclusive haunts for the rich-list.

We’ve created the Customer Care Specialist for busy industry staff, an easily accessible online course to complete at any time to suit you. It’s free, interactive with plenty of video and quizzes to keep you engaged and easily completed in less than an hour.

It tackles how to create excellent first impressions, getting to grips with what customers actually want, how to add value, creating ‘magic moments’, upselling and more.

If you want to thrive and fast-track your career in the hospitality industry, equip yourself to be the best in the business. Exceptional service skills will take you far.

Click here for the Customer Care Specialist course, don't forget you need to have completed Bournemouth Ambassador first!