BDRC 2020 Holiday Trends

BDRC 2020 Holiday Trends

Updated for 2020!

The latest BDRC Holiday Trends report 2020 provides insight into the holiday intentions, motivations and attitudes of 1,000 British adults, research conducted in January 2020. However when the Coronavirus struck, a second wave of research was carried out in March.

The result provides a bench-mark for the impact the crisis has had on the industry; it predicts that domestic tourism is likely to benefit from the pandemic in both the short- and potentially the long-term. For our contribution regarding coastal tourism see page 15.

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Updated for 2019


"Welcome to Holiday Trends 2019 – our predictive annual report on the intentions, motivations and attitudes of the British holidaymaker. This year we look at the overall trends for UK and overseas tourism, with a focus on areas such as sustainable tourism, accessible tourism and Brexit.

This year’s survey was conducted with Brexit fast approaching and a record British summer still fresh in Britons’ minds. Perhaps as a result of these factors, predicted UK holidays are at their highest in recent years. Elsewhere, anticipated overseas holidays have marginally increased, and trips to Western Europe and the Mediterranean are set to be higher than in any of the last five years.

Elsewhere in the report, we see that Britons are better at recycling at home than abroad, and that more can be done to meet the needs of holidaymakers with disabilities or special needs."

You can download the full report 2019 from BDRC here


New research reveals that visiting the coast as a youngster strongly influences a return visit as an adult. So reminding adults of their holiday experiences is a great way for coastal destinations to draw adults back.

An escape to the coast also has a positive impact on relationships! Read our press release and background to the research. The 2018 Coastal research report can be downloaded by clicking 'Access Full Article' below.

The 2018 Coastal research report can be downloaded by clicking 'Access Full Article' below

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