What can we offer coastal destinations?


  • Best practice and research – sharing good practice that allows destinations to learn and grow; minimising risks to investments through a solid evidence base.
  • Improving the visitor experience – primarily through improvements to product knowledge, (including the online Ambassador training course), customer service and staff engagement, but with knowledge of best practice in resident engagement


  • Innovating and shaping – our purpose is to learn; to push the boundaries and explore how coastal communities can thrive through tourism
  • Supporting funding bids and sharing expertise and experience in working with funding agencies.


  • Research into new or declining markets, and delivering recommendations for collaborative working to increase the customer base in line with the product market fit. To date, this has included the Under 35s market, boosting the shoulder season and health and wellness.


  • Adding support to your voice
  • Engaging other coastal partners
  • Keeping you updated and informed on coastal issues

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