Guidelines for making the most of your people


There are many challenges facing the hospitality industry and in today’s environment organisations need the knowledge, skills, ideas and creativity of every employee from frontline team members to top level managers to work towards achieving goals and ambitions.

All organisations are different – they operate in different contexts with different strategies, people and cultures. The Guidelines can be used as a tool to establish processes or develop existing practices.

If you are not sure which areas you need to focus on complete the business assessment questionnaire which is split into 5 sections.

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The Service Profit Chain

Our People

The Service - Profit Chain

It is clear that people make a business and none more so than in a tourism or hospitality business. Over the years the principles of the service profit chain has been adopted by many businesses and their experiences are seen as evidence of the way performance and profitability can be transformed by employee engagement. The core idea behind the service profit chain is that a direct relationship exists between profit and growth, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and employee capability and productivity.

Service-Profit Chain


Results from high-quality support services and policies that enable employees to serve customers well.


Created by satisfied, loyal and productive employees.


Influenced by the value of services provided to customers.


Results from customer satisfaction.

& Growth

Stimulated primarily by customer loyalty.

It is clear from this model that it is well managed and engaged employees that drive your profitability. Learn how the service profit chain can help your business thrive!

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