Coastal Tourism Leadership Forum


About the Vision

In late 2016, a Vision for the Coastal Visitor Economy of England was developed and launched in consultation with the industry and stakeholders on the coast. Delegates built on the body of evidence about the importance of tourism on the coast to develop a comprehensive ambition and action plan for the prosperity of England’s coast. Initiated and led by the National Coastal Tourism Academy, this Vision has been developed for all stakeholders on England’s coast or those that have a role to play in the economy of these critically important coastal communities. Its Vision articulates the aspiration of this work.

“Vibrant distinctive coastal communities working together to make the coast a desirable place to live, work and visit – providing people with meaningful experiences and opportunities to grow the coastal visitor economy.”

It was felt critical that a group was formed to deliver the Vision and so the Coastal Tourism Leadership Forum (CTLF) has since been created.

The objectives for the CTLF are:

  • Proactively supporting and shaping the delivery of the Coastal Vision and its action plan.
  • Providing an opportunity to share experience and good practice between stakeholders with an interest in and responsibility for the visitor economy on the coast to encourage effective tourism growth through the adoption and implementation of the Coastal Vision action plan.
  • This group should have oversight and coordination of development of the visitor economy on the coast and report progress to an inter-ministerial group for the coast.

The forum is not a lobbying group but will present evidence to policy makers on matters affecting the vibrancy and prosperity of coastal communities.

Members of the CTLF:

Allan Denby Torbay Development Co. / Heart of SW LEP
Dr Anya Chapman National Piers Society / Bournemouth University
Carolyn Custerson English Riviera (Chair of Coastal Destinations Advisory Group)
Fernanda Balata New Economics Foundation
Jason Freezer NCTA / Bright Side Tourism consulting
Jude Leitch Northumberland Tourism (Chair of Rural Destinations group)
Mark Wileman Hertz
Dru Bryan Gosh PR
Sally Shallam Journalist
Samantha Richardson National Coastal Tourism Academy
Anna Adrien VisitEngland
Denis Wormwell Chair, VisitEngland
Ellen Mackrill DCMS
Nicola Radford Coastal Communities Alliance
Martin-Christian Kent People 1st
Vince Flower Bays Hotels / Shearings

On this page we will post the minutes of all meetings of the CTLF.

1. 01/08/17 Actions and minutes from Coastal Tourism Leadership Forum - One.

2. 17/10/17 Actions and minutes from Coastal Tourism Leadership Forum - Two.

For further information about the group or its current areas of focus, please contact Sheron Crossman